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    Croatian and American Business Leaders to Meet in Las Vegas This Fall

    Following last year’s successful conference in Zagreb, which brought together leading Croatian and American entrepreneurs and managers, the Association of Croatian-American Professionals (ACAP) will hold this year’s conference from October 3 to 6 in Las Vegas. Ticket sales for this exciting business event have already started, and more than 350 attendees from the U.S. and Croatia will be hosted at the legendary Caesars Palace.

    The conference, a significant event on the business scene for many years, will once again bring together top American and Croatian entrepreneurs, employers, and experts from various industries.

    Known for fostering collaboration, innovation, and the exchange of ideas, this well-recognized gathering offers an invaluable opportunity to create business connections and discover new business opportunities.

    Among a plethora of global events with similar themes, ACAP stands out with an optimal number of participants that allows for the diversification of people and industries, yet remains intimate enough to foster better networking for all attendees.

    This year’s theme, “Croatians: Globally Connected. Locally Shaped.”, aims to highlight the vast knowledge and successes of our people and their global business practices, with a focus on operations in the United States and connecting the two countries.

    Through a series of panels, workshops, and lectures, participants will learn about key trends and challenges facing the modern business community and how to successfully overcome them.

    Discussions will include the current business relations between Croatia and the U.S., future collaboration opportunities, the entry of Croatian companies into the American market, the status of Croatian doctors and medicine in the U.S. in general, corporate innovations, and the employment of talented and promising Croatians in the U.S. Ultimately, one of the thematic goals is to present Croatia as a country that can offer much more to the global, including American, community than just tourism, particularly in the form of highly educated and promising experts from many fields.

    The 8th annual ACAP conference is expected to attract more than 350 business leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, experts, and academic community representatives from the U.S. and Croatia, providing fertile ground for the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and potential business collaborations across different industries.

    The strategically assembled audience at this event offers networking opportunities that can stimulate personal and professional growth. All interested parties are invited to join and contribute to strengthening ties between the United States and the Republic of Croatia, as well as to support humanitarian projects.

    Be part of the story of a promising future, where business leaders, visionaries, and innovators eager for knowledge, progress, and excellent collaborations meet.

    For participation and additional information about the ACAP 2024 conference, registration, and program, please visit the official event website.


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