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    VIDEO Study in Croatia – gost novog podcasta je Stanko Zovak aka All Things Croatia

    Study in Croatia invited Stanko Zovak to their inaugural show on Croatians Online. 

    Stanko is a Los Angeles resident and a Croatian-American.  He is the current host of All Things Croatia Podcast, and its namesake Instagram account that has a growing following of over 6000 followers.  Stanko is a comedian, author, podcaster and ultimately someone who loves his Croatian culture and has spent many years looking to learn and spread information on Croatian culture.

    His journey led him to study with the Croaticum program through the University of Zagreb, almost 4 years ago.  This is a program established by the Office of Croats Abroad, a Croatian government agency reaching out to the Croatian diaspora to come back to Croatia and take classes in the Croatian language.  Stanko spent 3 years in Croatia and many of those with the Croaticum program.  He now spends his time between Los Angeles and Croatia. 
    Stanko’s time spent in Zagreb and Croatia, sparked his joy for the culture and as a result developed his All Things Croatia podcast, write his book titled All Things Croatia – From Los Angeles to the Homeland, which can be found on Amazon and purchased to read on Kindle, along with a very successful resume of his wok in comedy.  He is an instagram hit and is found and loved by young Croatians throughout the diaspora everyday, as they connect to his stories and humor around growing up in America with Croatian roots. 


    Listen to Croatians Online here:


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